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About Sucre

Phone: (591-4) 64-40688
Cell 1: (591-7) 7130675
Cell 2: (591) 72853391

What is the "Fox Language Academy"?

We are a non-profit making institution dedicated to teaching English, Quechua and Spanish.

We were founded in 1982 by the Fox Family, primarily as an English language school. From the start, one of the biggest concerns was to support and encourage the teaching of English to teenagers and children from families with limited economic resources. In order to help finance this project, we began teaching Spanish to tourists in 1999, which has allowed us to lower the cost of English lessons for Bolivian people by more than 50%.

Quechua lessons were introduced in 1990 as recognition of the importance of our indigenous language. We continue to teach Quechua which offers students the ability to promote our culture for both personal and business use.

We have approximately 120 local students studying English and 50 studying Quechua each year. Many of our English students have won important scholarships and our Spanish and Quechua students have successfully learnt a new skill to help then improve their lives.

How to find us - WE HAVE RECENTLY MOVED!

Fox is situated in a nice, quiet and safe area of Sucre (La Prospearina) just seven blocks away from the Plaza 25 de Mayo and two-and-a-half blocks from the main cemetery. Find us at Avenida Destacamento Chuquisaca 134 between calle final Bustillos and colegio Humbolt.

Fox Language Academy
Avenida Destacamento Chuquisaca N° 134,
Between Bustillos and Colegio Humvolt
PO Box 64
Sucre - Bolivia

Open from 09:00 - 12:00
& 15:00 - 21:00

Phone: (591-4) 64 40688
Cell 1: (591-7) 7130675
Cell 2: (591) 72853391

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