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About Sucre

Phone: (591-4) 64-40688
Cell 1: (591-7) 7130675
Cell 2: (591) 72853391

Learn a Language

  • Learn Spanish or Quechua
    • Each course is taught by highly qualified, degree-level native teachers.
    • All ages and abilities are welcome.
    • Classes available in the morning or afternoon, seven days a week.
    • Individual or group lessons available.
    • Conversation exchange with native speakers.
    • Home stays with Bolivian families in Sucre (optional).
    • Guided excursions to museums, cultural events and places of interest in Sucre and the surrounding area.
    • Facility is approved by the Bolivian government (Ministerial Resolution Nº 149).

    • Get in touch with Bolivia
    • Learn Bolivian-style cooking in a teacher´s house.
    • Volunteer to teach English at our academy.
    • Play wally (Bolivian-style Volleyball) with our teachers and students!
    • Simply make new friends.

    • Unbeatable price: 40 Bolivianos (approx. US$5) per hour individual or group classes for 30 Bolivianos (approx. US$4)

    • Part of the proceeds from your Spanish lessons go towards funding English classes for local people - subsidsing the cost for those who could not normally afford to learn.

  • English and Quechua lessons for Bolivian people
    • Regular classes.
    • Intensive courses.
    • Summer courses.
    • Revision courses for school or university students.
    • Conversation exchange with native speakers.
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