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Phone: (591-4) 64-40688
Cell 1: (591-7) 7130675
Cell 2: (591) 72853391

Volunteer in Sucre

Giving your time can really make a difference to the lives of the people in Bolivia. Plus, it's also a lot of fun!

We're looking for people to teach English to small classes of local children or adults in the afternoons or evenings at our language academy. Work alongside one of our professional language teachers or tackle a class on your own!

Many tourists who learn Spanish with us in the mornings, choose to volunteer in the evenings (but it's not essential!). You can commit as much time as you choose - how many hours each day and for how many weeks is up to you. Some of our volunteers only have time to spend a few days with us, while others enjoy it so much that they stay for months.

Unlike some other South American organisations, we don't charge you to volunteer. All we ask is for your time and help in ensuring our students get the best English education. We may also be able to provide accommodation for you or help you find it at a reasonable cost.

Our students enjoy the involvement of foreign English speakers and your help is essential for correcting pronounciation. Some Spanish lanaguage skills are useful but not essential. We work to a syllabus and our teachers will plan lessons with you. Your input is always welcome in making the lessons easier or more fun for the students.

If you'd like to volunteer in Sucre but don't want to teach, we can put you in touch with nurseries, orphanages or other organisations that also need help.


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